Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch
Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch

Mini Carry Wrist Fan Watch

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Mini-Fan Can Be Worn Like A Watch . We Wish It Can Blow The Haze & Viruses Away Too!

Living in sunny summer can be grueling when it isn't raining. Most of us beat the heat by seeking solace in air-conditioned malls . and use troublesome hand-held fans when we absolutely have to brave the humid outdoors.

Recently . however . a portable miniature fan was launched that can be worn like a wristwatch and keep you cool while leaving your hands free for other uses.


Portable fan looks like watch

Though its shape looks more like a wristwatch . on closer inspection you will see that its “face” is actually a portable fan . and it comes in pastel too.

This groundbreaking device comes in 4 colours — pink . blue . purple . and grey.

If lifting your arm is too troublesome . the fan portion can also be lifted up to blow a light breeze on your face.

The gadget can also be propped up so it stands on its own.

As it can be charged via a USB port . you can also connect it to your laptop to ensure maximum comfort while working.

Lightweight & small

Do note that these portable fans are lightweight and small . just like your typical wristwatch.

In fact . they're not much bigger than a smartphone . so if you can carry your phone around . you can carry this fan too.

Wear more for extra breeze

As its size may not be a match for your electric fan . a good thing about its lightness is that you can have more than 1 of them . if you can't get enough wind.

So during extremely hot weather . you can opt to wear more fans on your wrists to get the extra breeze you need.

Besides alleviating sweatiness . we imagine this would be convenient for drying your hands too after all that constant washing.


1. Convenient fan: USB fan has a 3-level wind speed adjustment function . with colorful lights.

2. Use USB to charge . charge and use anytime . anywhere.

3. Small and lightweight . detachable wrist strap . which can be worn or stand on the desktop . and the angle of rotation can be adjusted.

4. Made of premium soft silicone . adjustable length according to wrist when wearing.

5. Mini portable . you can carry it conveniently and comfortably on your hand . or put it in your bag.

6. Available colors: 4 colors are available . cute outlook and fashionable style . very suitable for boys and girls. Wrist fans will be a great gift for children.

7. This product can produce powerful nature wind to cool you off quickly and keep you always cool . it is perfect to use when travelling . walking . jogging . waiting in line . etc.