All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring
All-Purpose Fitness Ring

All-Purpose Fitness Ring

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  • Sports & Outdoor

Tone and strengthen with help from this All-Purpose Fitness Ring. Great for Pilates . Yoga and resistance training . this handy tool works well for a wide variety of exercises . whether at home or the gym.

Use it to help strengthen anything from arms . chest . and legs to back . abs . and core. A circle with two handles on the sides. It can be placed between the hands to work out the upper body . or between the thighs for an extra work out of the adductors!


  • Strengthen your muscles . deeply. The Yoga and Pilates Fitness Ring is a resistance ring that allows you to do a variety of different exercises for the upper body . waist and legs. Using this spring-like resistance system provides a full workout. The repetitive movements and the pressure that you exert help slim down and firm up your body . deeply and in a targeted fashion.

  • Tone and slim your body . gently. No need to suffer to have a thin and toned body! The Yoga and Pilates Fitness Ring offers you the chance to build nicely defined muscles without difficulty. It allows you to do a variety of injury-free movements. It's perfect for gently getting back into fitness sports.

  • Simple . varied exercises. The large varieties of exercises that can be performed with a Pilates Ring help prevent monotony. Depending on how you feel and the muscles that you want to target . vary your fun by switching up your training sessions: arms . chest . waist . thighs . and buttocks.
  • Non-slip side handles. Two curved handles (on the inside and outside of the ring on two sides) make it easy to comfortably hold and properly position the ring . whether pressing it together with two hands or vertically against the floor with one hand. The curved side handles also make it easy to hold the ring between the knees for inner- and outer-thigh exercises or under one ankle when pressing the ring down against the floor during leg or core exercises.
  • Durable and high quality. The Yoga and Pilates Fitness Ring is a 14” composite ring protected by a plastic laminate and soft foam cover. It is designed to never snap or lose its spring. Enjoy years of use. With moisture resistant padded grips on both the inside and outside you are free to explore a variety of workouts with varying intensity. The form-molded grips fit comfortably against your body with professional-grade padding.
  • Lightweight portable. Perfect for travel is low weight (ring is not steel) lays flat and adds very little volume. One of the must-have Pilates accessories. Great addition to reformer. 14 inch loop.


  • Material: PP/NBR
  • Color: Pink . Purple . Blue . Grey . Black
  • Size: 14''
  • 2 nonslip side handles for comfortable . secure positioning
  • Made of glass fiber and rubber-like NBR and EVA


  • 1 x All-Purpose Fitness Ring


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